RTL News Anchor Name List Germany

RTL News Anchor Name List germany

RTL, a German TV channel was founded on 2nd January 1984. The channel giving us the best service for more than 39 years. In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to some best anchors of these channels. people are very curious about RTL tv channel news presenters. They want to know more details about these anchors. RTL Channel has more than 1.3 million followers on its Facebook page. People also like to follow them on social media.

Today we are trying to provide the famous news readers of RTL. If you want to know details on this channel anchors then keep reading continue. We gave below the list & some photos. You can get anchor details on this website. RTL has so many male & female anchors. So that we tried to give separate names list today. Let’s enjoy the article.

RTL Male Anchors Name List

There are near around a total of 18 news anchors currently working on RTL TV in Germany. 12 are male & 6 are women. All of them are so talented. They read the news likes sharply & perfect emotions. People like to watch them all the time. The male anchor’s names are attached below. Enjoy the information & wait for more details in further updates.

  1. Peter Kloeppel
  2. Jan Hahn (until his passing in 2021)
  3. Wolfram Kons
  4. Daniel Hartwich
  5. Günther Jauch
  6. Steffen Hallaschka
  7. Oliver Geissen
  8. Marco Schreyl
  9. Nazan Eckes
  10. Hugo Egon Balder

RTL Female Anchor Name List

RTL Female Anchor Name List. In this part, You can watch the female news anchors of RTL channel Germany. German people still love to watch news channels. They like to follow the latest political news from these channels. The female anchors are also famous in Germany. They are a big part of RTL’s successful career.

RTL Female Anchor Name List

  1. Frauke Ludowig
  2. Nazan Eckes
  3. Barbara Eligmann
  4. Birgit Schrowange
  5. Katja Burkard
  6. Sandra Kuhn
  7. Bella Lesnik
  8. Angela Finger-Erben
  9. Jennifer Knäble
  10. Susanna Ohlen


At last, we want to say that you will get more details in this article day by day. We will keep updating this post with a lot of information. Please comment us to share your opinion about the article.

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