Ricky Bibey Cause Of Death-Hotel Room CCTV Footage

Ricky Bibey


Popular rugby player Ricky Bibey died at the age of 40. He was found dead in a hotel on July 17. What happened with him? How did Ricky Bibey die? A lot of these questions are being asked online. We have tried to answer all the questions here.

The retired player was found dead at the Continental Hotel in Florence, Italy.

A woman with him was rescued with serious injuries. Her name is Jennie Platt. The woman was also seriously injured. The two were rescued and the woman was taken to a local hospital. And rugby player Ricky Bibey has been taken for autopsy.

The deputy woman is currently under close observation at the ICU. His statement has not yet been found. Injury marks were found on both bodies. It was initially considered a planned murder.

Ricky Bibey was unmarried. But the woman was dating him. It is believed that they were dating at the hotel. They were rescued in a bloodied state in the hotel room.

No official statement was initially released on the matter. However, the post-mortem report of rugby player Ricky Bibey is very important. At the same time, the woman’s statement will play an important role. So we have to wait for the next update on this. We will be updated every moment of the news here, so stay with us.

Ricky Bibey Hotel Room CCTV Footage

Ricky Bibey Funeral Details :Authority Confirmed


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