Shanquella Robinson Cause of Death Published :Autopsy Report


Shanquella Robinson died in North Carolina at age 25. She was on a trip & beaten hard by friends. They went on a trip to Mexico. Friends said that she died from alcohol overdose & poisoning. The autopsy report has been published by her family. Let’s check how did Shanquella Robinson die?

The women are basically from North Carolina. She was an entrepreneur. They went for a trip during the Halloween celebration. Shanquella Robinson & her friends went to Mexico.

The autopsy report has been published. The report said clearly that Shanquella Robinson’s neck has been broken. Her spinal cord was cracked. She had a back spasm & there was also a crack. Her family published this information officially.

Watch Video Footage: Shanquella Robinson Beaten Video -CCTV Footage

Mexican national agencies investigating this case seriously. There is a video that has been viral on social media. The video says she was Brutally Beaten by someone. The autopsy report also says that. But her friends told her that she died from alcohol & poisoning.

Shanquella Robinson Cause of Death Published :Autopsy Report

Hope that you got the point. More details will come out after the investigation report published by Mexican police. There is a lot of evidence has been collected including video footage. Shanquella Robinson’s family already said that she was attacked by someone.

We will publish more details after further updates come out. Till then, stay with us for the latest information about this topic. Keep following us for the upcoming details. Comment us to share your opinion about this.

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