Shanquella Robinson Video :CCTV Footage

A woman has died after being brutally beaten by someone. She was from North Carolina & went on a trip to Mexico. The name of this woman is Shanquella Robinson. She died at the age of 25 only. The video of her beating viral online.

Shanquella Robinson was on a trip with friends in Mexico. Suddenly she died surrounding her friends. The family gets her body on Thursday. Friends said that she takes an alcohol overdose & died of poisoning.

But the autopsy report says that she died of a broken neck & cracked cord. A video has been published of her being beaten. There is no guilt that she killed. Mexican Police investigating this incident.

We tried to provide the video in this post. Her family said that their daughter has been killed. The funeral ceremony has been scheduled for next Saturday.

Shanquella Robinson Video :CCTV Footage

People who know her, send deep condolences to her family. There are so many people who shared mourning for this incident. The video is attached to this post bottom level. Check also Shanquella Robinson’s cause of death & autopsy report.

Watch Full Video on Twitter

The video may be going violation. That’s why we gave the video following Twitter id. Click the link & watch the actual video footage on our Twitter id. Hope that the investigation of this case will be complete soon & the killer will be arrested. May her soul rest in peace.

Check Shanquella Robinson Cause of Death :Autopsy Report

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