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Siddharth Shukla passed away on Thursday at the age of 40. He reportedly felt shortness of breath in the first part of the day. He was brought dead at Cooper Hospital in Mumbai, news agency ANI quoted an official from the emergency clinic as saying.

Siddharth Shukla’s last unscripted TV drama was Bigg Boss 13 where he met Shehnaaz Gill, whom he was famous to date. Nevertheless, they never confirmed their relationship.

Siddharth and Shehnaaz have a huge fan following and are known as ‘Sydnaz’. In any case, there are a few instances when Siddharth Shukla Shehnaaz Gill had to defend him after he faced severe criticism from the barbarians.

Previous Bigg Boss contestants Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill have never confirmed that they are dating, however, it does not stop their fans’ forces from speculating their relationship. Currently, in light of the fact that Shehnaaz portrays Siddharth as a ‘total bundle’, they have another new titbit.

At one meeting, he was asked what made him an ideal soul mate and said that being an ideal man was both a gift and a blasphemy.

He revealed the Bollywood ruckus in Hindi, “First, everyone hits Siddharth Shukla. I saw it. He finished the bundle. In any case, this is a similar problem. Young women don’t let him be. ”

Shehnaaz was similarly asked what drives Siddharth mad. “If you say something intuitive to him back,” she said. “He will usually address you. He is a real expert, even, considering all the issues. ”

Siddharth has praised Shehnaaz of late for his recent music video called Fly. Taking to Twitter, he wrote that he was ‘satisfied’ with him and said, “Good luck with it”.

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