Santa Anita Mall Shooting: CCTV Footage Released

Santa Anita Mall Shooting

The incident gave a shock wave to the California community. There was a shooting incident that happened at Santa Anita Mall.

The unexpected incident happened on Sunday 3rd December 2023. It was nearly 1 PM and a robbery happened in the Santa Anita Mall.

The robbers shoot randomly and steal goods from the Santa Anita Mall. After that incident, an emergency was declared in Arcadia, California.

There are a lot of videos spread online after the shooting happened. People recorded it and shared it on social media.

The law enforcement authority hasn’t provided any arrest news yet. They are trying to take custody of the robbers.

No further details have been shared after the incident occurred. We need to wait for the real footage of Santa Anita Mall Shooting. We will attach the footage here soon.

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