Surya TV News Anchors List

Surya TV News Anchors List

This post presents the Surya TV news anchors list today. Surya TV is a Malayalam language-based Indian general entertainment TV channel. The channel was established 25 years ago. Today we are going to present this channel’s news presenters list. Surya TV has so many famous news anchors who read the news very smartly.

Surya TV has achieved millions of fan followers at full career. They maintain such a great quality of shows. A big part of the credit goes to the reporters and the anchor. Nowadays anchors are one of the most important parts of achieving popularity. Surya TV has gained 3.3 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and 2.1 million followers on its Facebook page. Let’s check their shortlist below.

Surya TV Male Anchors List

In this part, We can enjoy the male news anchors list only. We presented the names of males and females separately. So it will be easy to find your favorite anchors from this list. Here are the currently working male anchors from Surya TV.

Jishnu S Nair
Anoop Sivasankaran

Surya TV Female Anchors List

Surya TV female news anchors are listed below. Hopefully, you will enjoy the list today. We present the female news presenters separately. All of the female anchors from Surya TV are very smart and present with very quality news. They are very popular in which country has available Surya TV. Let’s enjoy the list.

Ranjini Haridas
Ranjini Haridas
Arya Jayaram
Neethu Mohan
Neethu Mohan

Final Words About Surya TV Anchors List

This post is only for those who love to watch Surya TV. If you have any quarry about any anchor then don’t hesitate to comment us. We will work on visitors’ opinions. So share your opinion about this post with us. You can contact us through the email that is attached to our Contact Us page.

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