Susan Jackiewicz Obituary: What Happened With Her

Susan Jackiewicz Obituary

On December 14, Thursday Santosha Community member Susan Jackiewicz died unexpectedly at age 47. She was the pillar of this community. Susan Jackiewicz is from Charlottesville, Virginia.

The news of her death gave a shock wave to the community. Susan Jackiewicz was a beloved person in this community. People were mourning her death. This is such a big loss for the community. Susan Jackiewicz was a kind-hearted person who made everyone happy.

Her family announced the news of Susan Jackiewicz’s death. They provide an official statement about the passing. Susan Jackiewicz was 47 years old and physically alright. She died suddenly after a brief illness.

But her family didn’t provide any immediate cause of death yet. A lot of people who know Susan Jackiewicz, sending deep condolences to her family. Hopefully, her family will recover from the sorrow soon.

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