Tucker Swain Accident Video :CCTV Footage

Tucker Swain Accident

Tucker Swain, A Westfield boy died after being fatally struck by a vehicle. The boy was only 9 years old. The accident occurred on 29th April Saturday 2023. Tucker Swain was a brilliant athlete who died unexpectedly.

Westfield Police Department confirmed that the accident occurred on Saturday at 2 PM. It was in a residential area. The boy was suddenly struck by the vehicle & taken to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital immediately. But finally, he couldn’t survive.

Tucker Swain Accident Video

Tucker Swain was a third-grade student who died after a tragic accident. This incident left the Indiana community in a deep loss. People shared deep condolences to his family. The boy who was a good player of basketball, football & baseball died fatally.

Tucker Swain struck by vehicle video is under processing. We will attach it sometime later after the confirmation of Indiana authorities. Stay connected with us for the video footage. Hope that you will share this article with your friends & let them watch the video.

Tucker Swain Accident

May Tucker Swain’s soul rest in peace. There are so many people searching online to get the footage. Keep patient & stay following us for the latest footage. We will provide it soon. The video will be attached to this part of today’s post. Thanks for visiting us.

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