Tumi Tladi Stabbed Death Video :CCTV Footage

Tumi Tladi

Famous singer Tumi Tladi dies at the age of 30. How did he die? What happened with him? all the details are explained below. Let’s check the details. South African singer and choreographer Tumi Tladi died at the age of 30. The cause of death of the famous name has not yet been announced.

Tumi Tladi’s family confirmed the news of the famous name’s death. The Tladi family announced their son’s untimely passing with these words:

“Son, brother, and uncle Tumi Tladi (30) sadly passed away in Johannesburg early this morning (July 10, 2022).”

On some news sites, it was claimed that Tumi Tladi ended his life. Tumi Tladi was best known for his hit ‘Basadi’. There are so many rumors spread online. Some say that The reason for Tumi Tladi’s death was stated that he was stabbed at the Street-City College station. But the official news is not yet published.


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