Lee Sun kyun Cause Of Death Revealed, Check Suicide Note

Lee Sun kyun

South Korean Actor Lee Sun Kyun has tragically died at age 48. He died on Wednesday 27 December 2023. The South Korean Police Department officially announced the news of his death. What was his cause of death and what happened with him? Let’s explain.

The actor was found dead in Seoul Park, South Korea. His wife called for an emergency to the Police department. After that police investigated this death. Primary information says that Lee Sun Kyun’s cause of death is apparent suicide.

Lee Sun Kyun’s dead body was found in a car at Seoul Park. The actor wrote a suicide note before taking his life. Lee Sun Kyun said on the note that Lee Sun Kyun was addicted to drugs by the bar hostess.

And the addiction level goes highest level day by day. After that, the bar hostess tried to blackmail him with avoidance. You know that taking drugs is a clear crime in South Korea. This is a punishable offense in this country.

After that Lee Sun Kyun got worried about the blackmail threads. And he finally decided to take his life. Then Lee Sun Kyun wrote a heartbroken statement on a suicide note. The suicide note is explored by his wife and she submits to the police.

Lee Sun Kyun’s death gave shock waves to the South Korean film industry. They mourning to this sudden loss. Lee Sun Kyun’s family is in a mentally broken condition. We should pray for his soul. Send them condolences and tributes if you love Lee Sun kyun.

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