Robin Tamang Cause Of Death :Authority Confirmed

Robin Tamang Cause Of Death

Singer & Actor Robin Tamang unexpectedly died at the age of 60 years old. He died suddenly on 4th July Thursday 2023. The news of this vocalist’s death was published through Facebook. His family member provides an official statement on Robin Tamang’s official Facebook page. This is such heartbroken news for his fans & relatives.

Robin Tamang was a vocalist, guitarist, actor &, etc. he spent a successful music career for a long time. The sudden death of this legend gave a shock wave to the music community. People shared deep condolences to his family. There are so many showing grief to him. In this post, we tried to explore how did Robin Tamang die?

Robin Tamang Cause Of Death

According to Robin Tamang’s obituary, Robin Tamang’s family members shared a statement on Facebook. They clear that Robin Tamang is no more. He passed away on Thursday. They also shared a story about Robin Tamang being found dead.

Robin Tamang was found dead at his home. His wife wasn’t there during the day. Robin Tamang was not reachable on the phone. After that Robin Tamang’s sister was called to check on him. His sister came & found the main gate off.

She called the police for an emergency. Police came & broke the main gate of the house. They enter Robin Tamang’s room & found them dead in his bed. Robin Tamang was laying on the side of his bed. Police cleared that the symptoms didn’t match with the suicide. They won’t find any suicide note or clue.

According to the primary statement, the Police say that Robin Tamang’s cause of death may heart attack or stroke. But the official news didn’t provide yet. Hope that it will clear after the autopsy report come out. The authority just provide the death news, they did;t provide any immediate cause of death yet. We should pray for Robin Tamang. May his soul rest in paradise.

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