TV One Anchors Name List Indonesia

TV One Anchors Name List Indonesia

TV One is one of the popular Indonesian channels. The channel is from east Jakarta. The owner of the channel is Vusi Media Asia. The channel was founded in 1991 and started its journey on air in 2002. The channel basically presents news all the time. Indonesian people like to watch news on the channel for some reason. The channel takes a neutral role in all the critical moments in Indonesian politics. The channel presents actual information on all situations.

There are some popular news anchors on the channel. They are very brilliant and present the news kindly. In this post, we tried to introduce them in front of you. Here you will get all of the anchors from tvone. The channel has achieved huge popularity in this certain year. It has more than 3.1 million followers on its Facebook page and 11.5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They have also popularity on other social media. You know that social media is a big handler for any news channel at this time. So the channel maintains its followers by the quality of the show. Let’s watch the least of all anchors from TV.

TV One Male Anchors Name List

TVOne male and car are very famous. They are very talented and present smart news. All of the popularity credit goes to the male and female anchors of the channel. We would like to introduce you to all of these male news presenters’ photos and their names below. Hopefully, you will get the name of who you want to look at. Our website presence anchors details globally.

  • Abdel Achrian
  • Aditya Nugroho
  • Aryo Widiardi
  • Bagus Priambodo
  • Bayu Andrianto
  • Faisal Crep
  • Fariz Naufal
  • Filipus Yonaso
  • Imran Tajuddin
  • M. Arief Fadhil
  • Rendy Wicaksana

TV One Female Anchors Name List

TVOne female anchors are listed in this part of today’s post. Give here all of the anchors who are very popular from TV One. This is one of the most searched topics in Indonesia. People want to know them and get their social media so let’s check all of the female anchor photos and their details. Up that you will insert the article with that.

Karra Syam
Karra Syam
Andi Annisa
Andi Annisa
Wanda Hamidah
Wanda Hamidah


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  1. What is TV One?

TV One is a private Indonesian free-to-air television channel owned by Media Nusantara Citra (MNC). It was launched on August 10, 2002, and is headquartered in Jakarta. TV One’s programming consists of news, current affairs, sports, entertainment, and religious programs.

  1. What is the TV One channel frequency?

The TV One channel frequency varies depending on the region. In Jakarta, the frequency is 39 UHF. You can find the TV One channel frequency for your region by searching online or contacting your local cable or satellite provider.

  1. What are the programs on TV One?

TV One’s programs include news programs such as “Breaking News” and “Indonesia Lawyers Club”; current affairs programs such as “Mata Najwa” and “Dialog Plus”; sports programs such as “One Pride MMA” and “Liga 1”; entertainment programs such as “D’Academy” and “X Factor Indonesia”; and religious programs such as “Aqiqah” and “Tausiyah.”

  1. How can I watch TV One?

You can watch TV One on a variety of platforms, including:

  • Free-to-air: If you live in an area where TV One is available over the air, you can watch it with an antenna.
  • Cable: Most cable providers offer TV One as part of their channel lineup.
  • Satellite: You can also watch TV One via satellite.
  • Streaming: TV One is also available to stream online through various platforms, such as and MAXstream.
  1. Is TV One available internationally?

Yes, TV One is available internationally through various streaming platforms. You can find a list of these platforms on TV One’s website.

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