TV9 Bharatvarsh News Anchors List

TV9 Bharatvarsh News Anchors List

TV9 Bharatvarsh is an Indian News television channel. The channel started its journey on 30 March 2019. At 4 years of age, TV9 Bharatvarsh has achieved millions of popularity. People like this time news channel the most. TV9 Bharatvarsh is a Hindi language-based news channel that maintains quality news anchors and reporters. In a short time of period, TV9 Bharatvarsh has achieved a lot of success.

In this post, we will introduce the news anchors of the TV9 Bharatvarsh channel. There are so many news anchors on this channel who played such a big role in achieving success. TV9 Bharatvarsh has now more than 17.8 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and 5.3 million followers on its Facebook page. This is only for the reporters and the news anchors who present news attractive. let’s introduce them.

TV9 Bharatvarsh Male Anchors List

In this part, you will watch the male news presenters of TV9 Bharatvarsh. We gave the male and female lists separately. There are so many news anchors on this channel. So we tried to introduce them separately by male and female. Hopefully, you have your favorite anchors on this list. Just comment with us about your favorite anchors’ names and also mention why you like to follow your favorite anchor.

  • Atul Khatri
  • Ashish Mishra
  • Amit Doshi

TV9 Bharatvarsh Female Anchors List

The TV9 Bharatvarsh female anchors list is attached below. We are working on the latest updates. We will attach more details with the names. But the primary step we gave just a names list in this article. Comment us if your favorite female anchor’s name is missing from this list. We will keep updating you with the latest information.

  • Kiran Khatri
  • Shweta Singh
  • Priyanka Sharma
  • Sakshi Upadhyay
Final Words About TV9 Bharatvarsh Anchors List

Hopefully, you got the name that you wanted. We will keep updating the article next time with more details. Just stay connected and share the post with your friends. Don’t forget to comment your opinion to us. We will work on your opinion. Stay with us till further updates.

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