[Watch Video] U.S. Air Force Member Sets Self on Fire Outside Israeli Embassy

U.S. Air Force Member Sets Self on Fire

An active member oof US airforce has did an unexpected incident on Sunday 25 February 2024. He sets himself on fire to protest gainst Gaza war. The person is an actibve member of US air force before did it. Youtuber Twomad Cause Of Death Revealed, Check Autopsy Report

The soldire did it outside of Israeli Embassy. The soldire went a LIVE before sets him on fire. He was on Twitch platfrom on LIVE. the video footage of his fire is now popular on social media. A lot of internationals news paper has published the story. – Megan Golembiewski Obituary -Cause Of Death Explained

The incident occurred outside of Israeli Embassy, Washington DC. The soldire sets himself fire and said loudly to “Free Palestine”. He dupport palestine by doing this incident. We tried to provide the video for you. Stay connected and watch the footage here.  –

If you wanna watch the video then take a good look at this post. We tried to provide the vide here for you. The video is in Twitter. We attach the twitter post link here. Watch the video and share it to let the world watch the footage.


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