Valdir Segato Cause of Death -What Happened WIth Him

Valdir Segato


Valdir Segato, known as Brazilian Hulk, dies at 55. How did he die? What happened with him? Valdir Segato funeral details. All the information has given below. We tried to explore the death cause and related information. Scroll down for know details.

The Paulista Valdir Segato, who was successful in social networks because of his arm muscles, known as the “Brazilian Hulk”, died in Ribeirão Preto. His death was recorded on Tuesday (26), the same day that the man turned 55.

According to the information portal The city On Ribeirão, the body of the bodybuilder was buried in the cemetery Bom Pastor, on the afternoon of Wednesday (27/07). The cause of death was not reported by the family.

Segato aimed to have huge muscles and be fast. So he started injecting himself with oil called Synthol where he wanted to get a result. The effect of Synthol is to make the muscle grow locally and artificially.

Valdir Segato’s family indicated that Segato felt sick at his home and eventually called emergency services. He was rushed to the hospital and shortly after passed away. It may be a cardiac arrest or heart attack. We should wait for the official statement.

Valdir Segato Funeral Details

Valdir Segato’s funeral details are not published yet. We are trying to collect the funeral service report. But still, now it is not clear. It will be a little bit late to publish. We will keep updating this post for any latest updates. Stay with us for more news.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he said he was threatened with amputation and his doctors advised him to stop using it. However, he continued the self-application and his dream was to enlarge his biceps up to 68 centimeters. Valdir’s body

In addition to the nickname that alludes to the Marvel giant, Segato was also called “Valdir Synthol”, for making use of the substance, which is not recommended by doctors for bodybuilding purposes. The bodybuilder made regular use of Synthol mineral oil, which causes instant swelling by causing local inflammation.


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