Wolfgang Petersen Funeral Details :Authority Confirmed

Wolfgang Petersen

German director Wolfgang Petersen, known for his films “Endless History” and “Troy”, died on Tuesday, August 16 at the age of 81. How did he die? What was his cause of death? The funeral photos & videos are given below.

Wolfgang Petersen died of pancreatic cancer surrounded by his family at his home in Brentwood, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

In addition to “Das Boot”, Wolfgang Petersen directed several films in Hollywood such as “Enemy” (1985), “In the Line of Sight” (1993) with Clint Eastwood, “Alert!” (1995) with Dustin Hoffman or “Troy” (2004).

He is not the best known of the blockbuster directors, and yet… On Tuesday, August 16, the production company of German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen announced his death at the age of 81, following pancreatic cancer. He died at home with his wife, Maria Borgel Petersen.

At the age of 81 in Los Angeles, German film director Wolfgang Petersen died of pancreatic cancer. As one of the few German filmmakers, he managed to establish himself in Hollywood.

In the eighties, he was already working in Hollywood: it was from his hands that the filming of the Michael Ende novel The Endless Story came out of his hands. His career then took a toll after the reception of the science fiction film My Dear Enemy and the thriller Splinters, but in The Crosshairs starring Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich, he became a financial success.

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