Video: Woman Clinically Dead For 24 Minutes

Woman Clinically Dead For 24 Minutes

Virginia resident Lauren Canaday was declared clinically dead for 24 minutes. The incident happened 8 months ago. 39-year-old woman Lauren Canaday suffered a massive cardiac arrest at that time.

Lauren Canaday has been fighting against epilepsy for several years. But it was under control with the treatment. Lauren Canaday was at home at the moment. Suddenly she was attacked by cardiac arrest.

Lauren Canaday’s Husband explored her lying on the floor with an unresponsive body. Her husband quickly managed the situation and called for emergency health service 911. After that, the medical team tried to give her CPR.

But they failed to get the heart rhythm. Lauren Canaday lost her heart function working. At the time Lauren Canaday was taken to the hospital immediately. The ICU specialist tried for several minutes but they could not.

At the time Lauren Canaday’s heartbeat was lost. But fortunately, the heartbeat came back 24 minutes later. It was nearly around 1450 seconds. This medical incident happened with Lauren Canaday. Now she is perfectly alright and posting her experiences on social platforms. We wish Lauren Canaday the best of luck.

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