Youtuber Feared Jumping Video From Cruise Ship

Youtuber Feared jump from cruise ship

Brazilian YouTuber DJ Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva Feared has died unexpectedly at age 32. He died on 30 December Saturday 2023. The news of his death is officially announced by authorities.

The video of Feared jumping from a cruise ship is now available on 24update Net. You can watch the footage here. We attached the video footage to our post. Just scroll down and check it out.

Feared was with his girlfriend at the Neymar Cruise Ship for a New Year celebration. But Feared fights with his girlfriend and they create a scene on the ship. That was an unexpected and sudden incident.

After the situation, Feared decided to jump, and he did. As a result, Feared died by jumping from the cruise ship. This is such an unexpected incident that occurred on Neymar’s Cruise. The New Year celebration became critical after that incident occurred.

The Brazilian authorities are searching for Feared dead body on the sea. But the dead body is not found yet. This is tough to find him. The authorities are investigating the case seriously. Further updates will be published here.

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