Comilla Daudkandi video Makes Controversy

Comilla Daudkandi

An unexpected incident occurred on Comilla Daudkandi recently. The incident in the Daudkandi area was confirmed by the local administration. There some boyes wants Taka to the girl. But the girls didn’t give them.

At the time the boys were forced to take off girls’ clothes and make videos. After that, the video became popular on social media. People were showing shame on the boys.

This is totally unexpected and a clear crime to force someone to make a video like this. There are no official complaints received yet from the girls. But the matter became popular online.

After that people asked online to get the video. But the video is too personal and it is not correct to share with someone. We need to be aware of this incident.

To share someone’s personal video like this is a cybercrime. You can be punished if you are involved in the video spreading. So be careful about sharing something unexpected.

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