Video De Canserbero

Video De Canserbero

Venezuelan Rapper Canserbero was stabbed to kill by his manager. He did not kill himself. A video released by Venezuela’s Attorney-general. The video is released on Twitter recently.

There She cleared that Canserbero died by stabbing. And he was stabbed by his manager. This is such a heartbreaking statement for Canserbero fans.

Rapper Canserbero died on 19 January 2015. He died in a mysterious incident. That’s the time Canserbero’s cause of death was declared to be suicide. But after 8 years the matter becomes clear that Canserbero was killed by his manager.

The video of the Attorney General is attached to our post. You can watch the Video de Canserbero viral in our article today. After a long time, his fans will be once more heartbroken. Pray for Canserbero’s soul.

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