Elevator Couple Incident Latest News

Elevator Couple Incident

A video went vi*ral online after it published for a few days

There are millions of people searching online to watch video footage from Elevator

The video is about a couple who spent personal time in the elevator

The airway was LIVE & the couple spent their special moment

But there ware a CCTV or camera attached.

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Elevator Couple Latest News

The moment of the couple’s quality time spent has been recorded.

It was few minutes video clip

The video has been shared publically by the elevator authority

The authority should be punished for this incident

The couple has spent their personal time on the elevator.

But the authority didn’t have the right to share someone’s personal footage and make it public

This is a clear offense for the elevator authority

Elevator Couple Incident

Elevator Couple incident. This topic is in virao for a few days. We tried to provide the video footage for you.

There are so many people searching very curisusly for the footage.

Elevator couple virao video has been attaches on our website


You can check easily the footage in this post

Elevator Couple  Twitter

Twitter authority has been spread the video footage very fastly.

The video is now available on Twitter

There are a lot of people share the footage on Twitter

Aerovia Guayaquil Video [VIDEO]

You can get easily the footage on our website or twitter account.

We have attached the footage

But the video is so personal

You should be careful about the right of watch the video

This is not right to share or watch anyone personal footage. Thanks for visiting us.

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