Jacob Smith Car Accident :Video Released

Jacob Smith

River Bluff High School Principal Jacob Smith has been involved in a fatal car accident. He is a principal of Lexington & was on vacation in Hawaii. The accident occurred on Wednesday 28 June 2023.

Hawaii police confirmed the crash details. The car hit another car & the victim was also injured after the collision. The accident occurred in the Town of Hilo near around 6 pm evening. They both are injured after the tragic accident.

Jacob Smith Car Accident Video

Jacob Smith’s car crashed with a Toyota Sienna Van 2017 model. Jacob Smith went critically injured & now he is under treatment. But Doctors say, Jacob Smith is in danger now. He is in the deep support care unit.

The video footage of Jacob Smith’s car accident is under processing. We will attach the file to this part of today’s post. You should wait a few more times to get the footage. Jacob Smith’s prayer time is fixed at Lexington high school. Students are praying for their principal.

Jacob Smith

Hope that Jacob Smith gets well soon. People share a respect for him. Jacob Smith’s family is in shocked wave to know about this incident. Share this post with your friends to let them watch the dashcam footage of Jacob Smith’s car accident.

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