List of Fake Loan Apps on Google Play

List of Fake Loan Apps on Google Play

Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic. At this time we are very much interested in getting loans online. This is a straightforward and easy process. Getting loans online through apps is now becoming more popular day by day. But sometimes we notice that a fraud app makes this situation critical. We will talk about some fake apps that you must avoid.

In this post, we tried to introduce you to some apps that can leave you with problems. There are so many hidden charges and different kinds of problems on this app. If you are using this application, you just can’t think about what is waiting for you. Some of the applications stole your information to the dark wave.

All of the online apps are not fake. You just need to be careful about it. Before using any loan apps of the mobile banking system please check and confirm about the applications. Most of the time we get real apps and we use it easily. But unexpectedly sometimes we got the fake one. Let’s check some fake loan apps on Google Play.

List of Fake Loan Apps

  1. Salary Loan
  2. Cash Advance Loan
  3. Aladdin Lamp
  4. Cash Mine
  5. Cash Shop
  6. Orange Loan
  7. Moneystandup
  8. Easy brave
  9. Marvel Cash
  10. Minutes In Cash
  11. Quick cash
  12. RupeePlus
  13. Tap credit
  14. Go cash
  15. Insta Money

This is the updated list of some fake loan apps that you should keep away from. Always take loans from authentic sources and official Banks. Do not take a loan from this kind of website or app. It’s a critical trap to go bankrupt.

Hope that you got the information which you need. If you have any further updates then take a good look at our post. We will keep posting with more details next time. Thanks for visiting us. Keep sharing to inspire us.


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