ICICI Bank vs HDFC Bank Which is Better

ICICI Bank vs HDFC Bank

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about 2 banks that are not only talking about the Banking system, but they are the hot picks on the share market. Those bank’s names are ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

In this post, we will provide the latest comparison between these 2 banks. Let’s compare this 2 bank from the basic level. We provide this comparison because of just know what is happening in these banks. This is not a recommendation, it is plain to find facts. ICICI & HDFC both are private banks and they have the highest NIFTY Bank Index weightage.

HDFC has 25.6% weightage in NIFTY bank. The other site ICICI Bank has a 24% weightage. ICICI & HDFC both Banks are both trying to get an attraction of their customers through innovative banking and investment products.

According to market status, HDFC is now in 1st position now. HDFC bank has more than 9 Laks Crore market cap on 22 May 2023. The other site ICICI Bank is in the 2nd position with more than 6.5 Laks Crore market cap.

HDFC Bank shares returned their investors more than 20% in last year. The ICICI bank has returned more than 35%. When we talk about revenue then interest is the biggest way to gain revenue.

According to the last 10 quarters, ICICI Bank has kept its first position on the NET interest revenue sections. If we talk about the quarter 4 FY 2023 then HDFC Bank grew their net interest to more than 23.7% and ICICI growth was 40.2%. After that HDFC Bank’s net profit increased up to 20% and ICICI Bank was 27.6%.

If we check the last 2 years, HDFC Bank’s gross NPA was 1-1.42% and ICICI Bank has made slight improvements. In the 4th quarter of FY 2023, HDFC submitted 17% growth and ICICI Bank showed 18.7% loan growth.

Let’s justify which Bank is better for investments. Most of the time both banks are perfect for the investment. HDFC has targeted to make a branch for every customer within 2 kilometers. So there is little chance to grow the productivity ratio. It can drop the profit.

The other site, ICICI Bank growing slowly and gradually. But the best thing is that ICICI Bank keeps its improvements for more than expectations. If we see the next 12-month results of all Banks, then HDFC Bank has a 17% return on investment possibility.

But the measurements also have the uncertainty. At the ICICI Bank, it has more than 24% return expectations. But all of the calculations and approximate percentages. YOu must check and research before investing or take advice from investment advisers. All the decision is yours.

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