List of Fake Loan Apps in India 2024

Fake Loan Apps in India

In the digital world, at this time we faced a lot of cyber problems. There are millions of facilities opened online. But there are some problems also created by that. Today we are going to talk about some fake loan apps that are most popular in India. Indian people are using some fake loan apps that can be harmful to poor people.

When you use fake loan apps. Then it’s attached with so many hidden charges. After that, we faced a lot of problems with the loan apps. So we have attached the kinds of apps that can leave us problems. If you are trying to get a loan from online apps then be careful about this kind of app. All apps are used in India. So Indian people must be careful before using this app.

List of Fake Loan Apps in India

  1. Cash Advance Loan: This app lures users with promises of easy and quick loans, but it may involve hidden charges and predatory lending practices.

  2. Credit Loan: This app claims to offer instant loans with minimal documentation, but it may engage in unethical debt collection methods.

  3. Easy Loan: This app advertises hassle-free loans, but it may conceal excessive interest rates and unfair terms.

  4. Fast Loan: This app promises immediate loan approvals, but it may resort to aggressive recovery tactics and excessive fees.

  5. Instant Loan: This app claims to provide instant loans without any credit check, but it may involve fraudulent activities and misuse of personal data.

  6. CashMO: This app offered loans through WhatsApp and SMS, but it was involved in a Rs 300 crore fraud case.

  7. Rupee Here: This app was another participant in the Rs 300 crore fraud scheme, targeting borrowers with attractive loan offers.

  8. LoanU: This app was accused of using unethical recovery methods and engaging in fraudulent activities.

  9. QuickRupee: This app was also involved in the Rs 300 crore fraud, preying on borrowers’ financial needs.

  10. Punch Money: This app was another fraudulent app that deceived borrowers with promises of easy loans.

These are just a few examples, and the list of fake loan apps is constantly changing. It’s essential to stay vigilant and exercise caution when dealing with any online loan app.


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