Makani Alexander Death: Waialua Shooting Footage

Police van

25 Years old Makani Alexander died unexpectedly at Waialua. A shooting incident happened near Honolulu, Hawaii. The tragic incident killed a person who was just 25 years old. The mysterious gunshot occurred on Sunday 19 November late at night.

It was nearly 11 or 12 PM local time, Waialua. The resident detects the mysterious gunshot sound at midnight. After that, the emergency response team reached the spot. They found Makani Alexander with gunshot wounds.

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The emergency medical team took Makani Alexander to the hospital immediately. But finally, Makani Alexander has left. He didn’t survive after being involved in this tragic gun shooting. The victim details information has not been made officially public.

The authority is investigating this case very seriously. But there is no one has been arrested after the incident yet. Police are trying to find the CCTV footage of this shooting. Hopefully, the murderer will be arrested soon.

Waialua police department trying to reach Makani Alexander’s family. They provide a statement instantly. There are so many people mourning this date. This is such an unexpected and sudden. The further updates will be attached here. Stay following us.

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