ABC News Australia Anchors Name List

ABC News Australia Anchors Name List

ABC News is one of the best news channels in Australia. Today we are going to present some of the news presenter lists of ABC News. Australian people always like to watch this channel. They present authentic news & the viewers like to watch this kind of analytics & commentary day event. There are more than 4.6M followers on their Facebook page & 1.79M subscriber on their youtube channel. Let’s check some popular news anchors’ names & separately the female anchors’ names below.

ABC News Australia Anchors Name List

ABC News Anchors Name List. Every day so many people want to know the name of ABC News anchors name in Australia. The country has so many TV channels But ABC is one of the best. Because of this anchors. Their attractive presentations. Let’s check the short list of those news presenters’ names. This is just the popular anchor’s name. We will update you in the future with all the anchors’ names.

1. Leigh Sales

2. Juanita Phillips

3. Michael Rowland

4. Virginia Trioli

5. Tony Jones

6. Karina Carvalho

7. Stan Grant

ABC News Female Anchors List Australia

ABC News Female Anchors List. This is one of the top search terms in Australia. We are here to present the female anchor’s name in this part of today’s post. If you wanna see the female news presenters’ names of ABC News Australia then take a good look at our post. Hope that you will get the information which you want. Let’s check the shortlist.

1. Leigh Sales

2. Juanita Phillips

3. Virginia Trioli

4. Karina Carvalho

5. Jane Hutcheon

6. Patricia Karvelas

7. Ellen Fanning

We just tried to help you by providing this information in front of you. Hope that you get the names. You can comment to us to share your opinion about this post. We will work on your comment. Visit our website to get more channel anchor name lists.

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