UGA Student Death Brumby Hall: CCTV Footage Found

UGA Student Death

On 22 February Thursday UGA Student was found dead at Intramural Fields. The student went for a run on Thursday early in the day. But Evening she could not come back. After that, her friend called for an emergency.

The Police called from 10 PM to 11 PM. After that Police searched and found an unresponsive body in the jungle area. The dead body was abnormal and physical foul play was seen. Police found the dead body near 12.38 PM that day.

After that UGA investigation began and the police didn’t arrest any person yet. According to unofficial sources, Police found important CCTV footage where the suspect was spotted. A friends circle was on the footage.

They are on the top of the suspects’ list now. We are checking the video and making it ready to publish. We will publish the video here soon. Stay connected to watch 24update net exclusive footage soon.

The autopsy report of UGA students is not completed yet. We will keep providing the latest for you. Follow this page to get the latest updates on this incident. Hope that the criminal will be found soon. And they will be under arrest.

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