Bob Saget Hotel Room Photos – What Happened With Him

Bob Saget

Comedian Bob Saget has released more photos and body camera videos related to the investigation into the death. The body cam video recorded on January 9 showed the deputies banging on the door of the wrong hotel room before realizing their mistake. He died earlier this year.

How Did Bob Saget Die

In total, more than 30 photos were released, mostly offering different convenience points across the room — the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet, whose hangar still had clothes on it.

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Bob Saget Cause of Death

Photos of Bob Saget’s bathroom suggest that the comedian took a bath before his death, judging from shower decoration materials and a used towel seen in the bathtub.

The medical examiner suggested that Bob Saget might have fallen and hit something hard, something soft, such as a carpeted floor. A medical examiner found that Bob Saget may have died of head injuries caused by falling back.

What Happened With Bob Saget

The photos show the carpeted floor of the room and the padded headboard, both of which were listed as potential items of injury, free of any blood. It was matched by the deputies to previous accounts that no blood was found at the scene.

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