Nippon TV News Anchor Name List

Nippon TV News Anchor Name List

Nippon Television Network Corporation is also famous as Nippon TV. Today we will present Nippon TV news anchor details in our post—the Japanese private commercial television network. The channel starts its journey on 28 October 1952 & it’s giving Japanese people the best service for 70 years.

Nowadays Nippon TV is one of the five most popular news channels in Japan. The channel has so many young & senior dashing news presenters. All of the news anchors are extremely hard workers & they keep their quality work. Japanese people like to watch the news on this channel. Some of the Nippon TV anchors are so famous & people ask online about them. We tried to explore their details.

Nippon TV Male Anchor Name List

Nippon TV Male Anchor Name List. Nippon TV has more than 82K subscribers on their Youtube channel & 84K followers on their Facebook page. This is such a big amount of followers. In this part, we gave here some very popular male news anchors’ names on Nippon TV. Hope that you may like this presentation.

  1. Hiroshi Kume
  2. Jiro Shirasu
  3. Junichi Tosaka
  4. Tetsuya Chikushi
  5. Hideyuki Hayashi
  6. Kazuo Tokumitsu
  7. Hiromi Makino
  8. Shigetada Kishii

Nippon TV Female Anchor Name List

Nippon TV Female Anchor Name List. Nippon TV female anchors are one of the trending topics in Google search. We tried to provide here the list of all female anchors on Nippon TV. The channel has many famous female news presenters. We have attached some of their names & photo. We will keep updating these posts & attach more details in further updates.

  1. Hiroko Kuniya
  2. Yuriko Koike
  3. Rina Nakano
  4. Yumiko Udo
  5. Yuki Ikenobo
  6. Masami Tanaka
  7. Kyoko Yokozuka
  8. Mayuko Wakuda

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