Tristyn Bailey Over 100 Times Stabbed Death Video :CCTV Footage

Tristyn Bailey

A Florida teenager Aiden Fucci 16 has been found guilty for the murder of Tristyn Bailey. Tristyn Bailey was a cheerleader & only 13 years old.

She was murdered by brutal stabbing. She was stabbed over 100 times in a wooded area.

cheerleader Tristyn Bailey’s murderer has been arrested & he is now on a first-degree murder trial. He was found guilty the cops say.

Aiden Fucci has been arrested on 10th May 2021. The incident occurred on 9th May 2021. Tristyn Bailey was killed on Mother’s Day.

There are so many people who follow this case searching for the video footage of Tristyn Bailey’s stabbing. The footage is under process.

Tristyn Bailey

We will attach the video here soon. Stay connected with us for the exclusive video footage of Tristyn Bailey’s death.

Do not share any kind of rumors. If you wanna check the footage then stay connected with us. We will provide the footage soon. May her soul rest in peace. We also want justice for her.

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