Video Controversy is Becoming One of Our Bad Habits – See What To Do

Video Controversy is Becoming One of Our Bad Habits

Viral Video controversy is nowadays a big issue all over the world. Today we are going to show you some reports on it. This is the time we should be aware of it. Either it will be late and be a major problem for all. We need to be updated and careful about AI at this time of technological improvements.

Artificial intelligence is a big achievement of this generation. But there are some bad sides to each achievement. Including deep fake video, AI has so many features which are unexpected and harmful to us. This is the time to know about the issue. We should take a step on it. Every online user should know about this issue.

There are so many countries where people publish secret videos on social media. As we call the “Viral Video”, Some countries are in the first position in this kind of trending search. If we are going to list the countries where videos went viral every day and the ratio is high. Then the country name will be India, Philippines, Indonesia, USA, UK, Mexico, Peru & etc.

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Do not share this kind of personal things which can affect our life. Online is a platform where you can learn good or bad things. All about you and what you want. It’s time to change our minds. We can make a peaceful society where people will be aware of the crime. Don’t do any kind of things where you can be punishable. Share this article if you agree with us.

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