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A Winter Morning

A Winter Morning Composition
The Winter In Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Winter is one of them. It is the coldest season of the year. It is the season of fog, mists, and chill. The Bangla months of Poush and Magh comprise this season. But we have the touch of the cold night from the month of Agrahayan and it ends generally in the middle of Falgun. With the touch of the cold hands of winter, there is a big change in nature. In winter days are shorter while nights are longer. The leaves of the trees die out and nature takes a deserted look.

As it is the season of mists, everywhere there are mists during this season. They look like pearls when they glitter in the rays of the morning sun. At the advent of winter, nature becomes dull and gloomy. The cold wind blows from the north. The morning often remains foggy and sometimes nothing can be seen even at a little distance. The sky often remains cloudless and the rays of the sun become very mild. The rich put on warm clothes by day and lie under the quilt at night.

But it is a painful period for the poor. Because they cannot buy warm clothes. So they shiver in cold. They burn dry leaves and make a fire to warm themselves. They also bask in the morning sun. Winter comes after the harvesting. So it is a period of abundance. All types of vegetables and fish and fruits are available in the market during this season. People make delicious native cakes with rice, milk, and patali. It is the most convenient time for holding picnics, festivals, social and local functions, and various kinds of outdoor games and sports.

The general health of the people remains satisfactory as they get plenty of vegetables and fish. In winter, juice from the date tree is collected. It is very pleasant to take a glass of date juice in the morning. In the end, we may say that though poor people suffer from biting cold it is one of the enjoyable seasons for both the rich and the poor.

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