A Journey By Metro Rail Composition

A Journey By Metro Rail

A journey is always interesting to me. Whenever I go on a journey my heart leaps up with joy. The intensity of my pleasance of traveling increases, if it is a Metro Rail journey. A journey by Metro Rail is pleasant, safe and comfortable. Last month I got the opportunity to make a journey by Metro Rail. The journey was from Dhaka to Chittagong. Its memory is still fresh in my mind.

I along with my family members went tovspend my holidays in my uncle’s house. On a Friday, we made this journey. All arrangements were made without delay. Myvfather bought five second-class tickets of intercity Metro Rail in advance. On the fixed day we hired a taxi-cab and went tovKamalapur station. The station was full of the shouts of coolies, noisesvof the peddlers and movements of the passengers.

when we came to the platform I found the Metro Rail standing beside it. We got into the compartment with some difficulties. The compartment was pretty full. There were passengers of different kinds.vAt 11 pm the guard blew the whistle and waved his flag and the Metro Rail began to move slowly. In the twinkling of an eye the Vetro Rail left the station. I had the opportunity to sitvby a window. I could be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

It was a moonlit night. Everything looked bright and lively. I was peeping out through the window. The moon-bathed scenes and scenery charmed me very much. In fact, the Metro Rail ran through the heart of Bangladesh.If moving at a great speed. The trees and plants were running along with the villages just opposite of the Metro Rail. As it was an express Metro Rail, it did not touch at the small stations. Our Metro Rail stopped only at Comilla and Feni stations.

There some passengers got down and some got into it. Again these stations became full of noise breaking the silence of night. Meanwhile, we took some snacks and tea to appease our hunger, thirst and tiredness. Again the Metro Rail moved on with full speed. On my left side, I saw the hillocks guarding the border. Their somber beauty charmed me. While I was enjoying the peaceful panoramic view of rural hilly areas, I felt asleep. But within a short time I woke up.

The rising sun greeted my eyes. Meanwhile, I heard the announcement that our Metro Rail would reach Chittagong station within half an hour. Soon the Metro Rail reached Pahartali. At last the beautiful journey came to an end. Just at 6 am the Metro Rail reached the railway platform at Chittagong. We got down from the Metro Rail and were received by my relative at the entrance of the over-bridge. The Metro Rail journey was not expensive but it was full of thrill. It was the most pleasant journey in my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the journey will remain ever- fresh in my mind. I shall never forget it.

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