A Journey by Boat Composition

A Journey by Boat

Outlines: Introduction, Time, Occasion and the place where the journey began and destination, Sights seen
experience, Conclusion. Bangladesh is a riverine country. Hence it is very easy to enjoy a journey by boat here. It is very pleasant in our country. It is a real pleasure to me. During the last summer vacation, I had to ply along the mighty river Brahmaputra.

My heart leapt up with joy when I got an invitation to go to my aunt’s house by boat. We had to cross a long distance. I along with my parents got up early in the morning on the scheduled date. After breakfast, we got on board at 7 am. It was a hired boat. There were two boatmen in the boat. It was a very sunny and pleasant morning. The gentle breeze from the south refreshed our minds. When we started for our destination the boatmen in their traditional way uttered the name of Allah by saying ‘Badar, Badar’ Soon the boat took speed in a favourable wind.

I was excited to be on a boat and have a journey by the river for the first time in my life. The boat was in favour of the current. So sights on the bank of the river were changing frequently. The houses on both sides of the river looked very fine from the boat. Many small and big boats were plying in the river. Many men were fishing in the river. Women were seen going home with pitchers. Children and some other men were bathing, swimming, sinking, shouting and playing. Fishermen with boats and nets were a common sight. Many houses were seen on the bank of the river. There were cornfields here and there. All those scenes were quite fresh and exciting for a new visitor like me. At about 1 pm our boat touched the ghat of a village market.

My father got down from the boat and bought a large ‘Ruhit fish’. The boatmen cooked it and we had a delicious meal. At about 3 pm we started our journey again. At about 5 pm we reached my aunt’s village. My uncle and cousins were waiting for us at the ghat. They gave us a hearty reception. They became very pleased at our arrival. The experience of the journey was new to me and hence very important for my life. I will never forget it in my life. It was indeed a pleasant and refreshing one.

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