Newspaper Composition

Newspaper Composition

Introduction, History of Newspaper, Kinds, Uses and importance, Demerits, Conclusion. Paper on which news is published is called a newspaper. It gives us current information of the country inside and outside. It also contains features, stories, poems, comments etc. Carlyle called it the Fourth Estate’. In fact we cannot think of modern life without newspaper.

Newspaper reading gives one a wide variety of knowledge. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. China was the first country to introduce newspaper. A kind of manuscript newspaper was used in India during the Mughal period. The India Gazette’ published in 1744 was the first newspaper in this sub-continent. The Shamachar Darpan brought out by the missionaries of Sreerampore was the first Bangla newspaper.

There are various kinds of newspapers such as daily, weekly, fort-nightly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly. They publish stories, essays, poems or literary criticisms and news at the same time. The daily newspaper provides us with current and fresh news of the day. Newspapers play an important part in our social and national life. It is a store house of knowledge.

We read newspaper both for pleasure and for information. All sections of people such as students, lawyers, politicians, traders, sportsmen etc always feel the necessity of newspapers. The tradesmen can know the world market price of their goods, government can cliculate the state policy, the sportsmen can know the news of their favourite games, the politicians can express their political views and the students can enhance their knowledge. People also can express their opinions through newspapers. In Bangladesh there are a good number of daily newspapers.

They are —- The Bangladesh Times, The Bangladesh Observer, The Daily Star, The New Age, The Ittefaq, The Prothom Alo, The Sangbad. The Daily Janakantha. The Jai Jai Din, The Jugantar, The Shamakal, etc. Sometimes a news contains much that is useless or even harmful.

Sometimes newspapers suppress the truth and spread lies. Sometimes newspapers excite people and thus mislead them instead of giving them correct news and views. Newspaper reading is a good habit. Inspite of some demerits newspaper is the most important media of communication. It is essential in modern life. It imparts knowledge and education to us.

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