A Village Fair Composition

A Village Fair Composition

Alines Introduction, Occasion and location. Things bought and sold, Special attractions, Merits and demerits,
Conclusion. Life becomes monotonous without changes. A village fair is an arrangement that provides a change in the life of the villagers. It is a huge gathering of people in a vast open place in a village. Various local products are sold and bought here.

It is a fair because magic shows, ‘Jatra’, ‘folk songs, country games etc are held for the entertainment of the villagers. A village fair is held once or twice a year in a village on the occasion of some festivals. The villagers specially the children eagerly wait for this occasion. A village fair is usually held on the bank of a river, or a big pond, on in an open field when the harvest is over.

Men, women, children come to a village fair to enjoy their time. The villagers make many nice things from clay, cane, wood bamboo etc and these are put on show and also for sale. Different kinds of fancy goods such as toys, whistles, combs, hair pins, cosmetics, looking glasses, earthen wares, balloons are brought in the fair for sale. There are some special arrangements in the fair to attract and amuse the villagers. Circus, magic shows, Jatra, Jarigan, cock-fights, puppet-shows are some special attractions.

A village fair is very useful in many different ways. It provides amusements to the villagers. It helps small scale trade and business. Local art, industry, agriculture and commerce are encouraged by a village fair. But a village fair also has some demerits. Gambling of different kinds take place in a village fair. It corrupts the youths of the villages.

Theft and pick pocketing occur frequently. A village fair is sometimes harmful to public health. Sometimes epidemics like cholera and pox break out after the fair is over. Inspite of its demerits a village fair is a charm to village life no doubt. Every villager waits for this annual event with great hope and attends it with profound pleasure.

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