Rivers Of Bangladesh Composition

Rivers Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a delta. She has hundreds of rivers. Some rivers are very big. They flow all the year round. Some rivers are small. They flow only during the rainy season. These rivers are gifts of nature. They add to the beauty of Bangladesh. They are closely related to our people, economy and culture. The Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna are famous big rivers.

Other well-known rivers are the Brahmaputra, the Karnafuli, the Buriganga, the Teesta, the Sitalakshya, the Dhaleswari, the Mahananda, the Madhumati, the Surma, etc. Most of the rivers of our country rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. The rivers of Bangladesh are very important and useful to us. They supply us water and silt. They make our land fertile.

By using the water of the river our farmers can easily grow crops. Our rivers are a great source of protein. There are various kinds of fish in our rivers. Our fishermen catch fish from rivers. They sell them in the market and earn their livelihood. Our rivers are important for transport facilities. Transport by river is much easier and cheaper than by land. Boats, launches and steamers move on these rivers in all seasons with passengers and goods.

In many low-lying areas engine-driven boats are the only means of communication in the rainy season. Rivers are called builders of civilization. Almost all the cities, towns and trade-centres in the country are situated on the banks of rivers. Most of the villages are situated on the banks of rivers. Some of our rivers of north-east regions can be a great source of hydro-electricity. Our rivers have a great influence on our culture. Our great poets, artists and singers were inspired by the beauty of the rivers.

Our rivers sometimes do us great harm. When it rains too much the rivers overflow their banks and cause floods. Sometimes they wash away towns and villages and make people homeless and landless. In spite of some demerits, we owe much to our rivers. They help a lot in the progress and prosperity of the country. So to get more benefits from rivers we should dredge them regularly and take care of them properly.

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