The Rainy Season Of Bangladesh Composition

The Rainy Season Of Bangladesh

Out lines: Introduction, Causes of rainfall, A relief after the summer, Clouded sky, Continuous rains, Main features of the seasons, Merits and demerits, Conclusion. The rainy season is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh. The south-west monsoon, a seasonal wind which blows over Bangladesh is the cause of heavy shower in this country. The Bangla months of Ashar and Sraban are in the rainy season. But sometimes the rainy season lasts from July to October.

After summer the rainy season comes with showers to cool the earth. First few days of this season are charming to the people since the rain comes as a relief from the scorching heat of the summer. But gradually the rainy days become continuous and cause great miseries to the people. During this season the sky often remains clouded and the sun is hardly seen.

Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains in torrents. Tanks, ponds, rivers are filled with water and the roads and streets go under water. The rainy season does good to us in many ways. Nature takes a new look at the advent of the rainy season. It washes away the dirti froth the surface of the soil. It makes our river communications easy and helps the easy growth of trade and commerce. Agriculture in Bangladesh mainly depends on rain.

Without regular rainfall rice, jute and other crops cannot grow well. It makes our land alluvial, fertile and suitable for growing better crops. Fishes are also abundant during this season. There are some disadvantages of the rainy season as well. It causes immense inconvenience to the people of both towns * villages. Roads are covered with mud and sometimes go under water. Malaria and diarrhoea break-out in many places. S. Sometimes heavy rainfall overflows the banks of the rivers and causes floods and destroys our crops.

The rainy season, though there are some demerits, is the most useful and helpful season for us. As Bangladesh is an ud agricultural country, this season is very helpful for the crops like jute, paddy etc. During this season nature revives. The prosperity and development of our agriculture largely depend on rain. Agriculture is the life blood of our economy and so is the rainy season.

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